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Scam Alerts

The Virginia Tech Police Department would like to remind all community members that:

- These scams take many forms but always include seemingly free money or a great deal on the condition that the recipient of the fraudulent check forward some of the money from the check to another party. The victim will cash the check, see that the money has deposited in their account, and gladly forward a small portion of the funds. However, days later the check will bounce, the funds will disappear from the victim’s account, and the victim will still be held responsible by the bank for the funds that the victim transferred.

- Never accept checks from persons or business that you do not personally know and never accept or cash checks that you are not expecting to receive.

- You should never give out personal identifying information over the telephone or the internet to anyone unless you are sure of who you are speaking to.

- If you ever have suspicions about a check or an unsolicited financial offer from a stranger, contact your bank or the bank who issued the check. If an unsolicited financial offer feels suspicious, it is usually a scam.

- Common scams perpetrated against the Virginia Tech community and other general safety tips can be found at

Community members should report all crimes and suspicious activity/persons anywhere on campus immediately to the Virginia Tech Police Department at 540-382-4343 or by dialing 911.  Anonymous tips can be reported online at or via the Hokie Ready App.

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