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Flock LPR Cameras

Flock LPR camera

The Virginia Tech Police Department has enhanced campus security by incorporating Flock License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras strategically across the campus. These advanced, motion-activated camera systems are designed to bolster security measures while safeguarding individual privacy.

How do the cameras work?

The LPR cameras capture digital images of license plates and vehicles in their vicinity. These images undergo processing using advanced optical character recognition technology, enabling swift identification and cataloging of vehicle and license plate information. The LPR system data includes license plate numbers, vehicle images, vehicle characteristics, as well as the date, time, and location of image collection.

It's crucial to note that this information is exclusively utilized to aid law enforcement in solving crimes, addressing threat assessment concerns, supporting Silver/Amber Alerts, or cross-referencing data with databases for stolen vehicles or active warrants through an automated process. The cameras are not employed for traffic enforcement.

Privacy Statement:

Virginia Tech ensures responsible LPR camera use. The technology excludes facial recognition, aligning with the university's commitment to transparent and responsible tech use. Data is securely stored, automatically deleted every 15 days, and not shared without a law enforcement purpose. LPR cameras are an extension of the university camera program, complementing existing security measures and providing an extra tool for quick threat detection. 

About Flock Safety:

Flock Safety is a public safety operating system that helps communities and law enforcement in 1,500-plus cities work together to fight crime, protect privacy, and mitigate bias. Flock builds devices that capture objective evidence and use machine learning to create unbiased investigative leads to law enforcement. Its proprietary devices and cloud-based software can reduce crime by up to 70%. See for more information.