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The Virginia Tech Police Department has recently received reports of students becoming the victims of fraud after receiving telephone calls from individuals claiming to be members of a law enforcement or another agency.

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      • Aug 23, 2017 Scam Alert: Phone scam targets students, community members

        The Virginia Tech Police Department has received reports of a continuing scam that targets students and community members by phone. The scam begins when the student receives a telephone call from an individual claiming to be a member of a law enforcement or a government agency.

      • Jun 10, 2016 Scam Alert: Phone scam targeting Virginia Tech students

        During these calls, the victims are told that they owe the government money and, if they are unable to pay the amount while still on the phone, they will be arrested. The callers then instruct the victims to purchase various gift cards and provide the numbers to them. After obtaining the gift card numbers, the callers usually hang up without giving any further instructions.

Community members should report all crimes and suspicious activity/persons anywhere on campus immediately to the Virginia Tech Police Department at 540-382-4343 or by dialing 911. Anonymous tips can be reported online or via the LiveSafe mobile app (for Android and Iphone devices).


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