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Ringo the Patrol Pony

Ringo the Pony

Ringo the Patrol Pony: Ensuring Safety and Smiles at Virginia Tech

Welcome to the delightful world of Ringo the Patrol Pony, where positive interactions and relationship-building with students take center stage. This charming 7-year-old, 270-pound pony, adorned with a police jacket and Virginia Tech ribbons on both his front and hind-end, is more than just an adorable sight on campus. Trained by his dedicated owner, Leslie Roberts-Gregg '79, a former Virginia Tech cheerleader, Ringo plays a crucial role in promoting our community policing outreach, radio show, self-defense classes for both women and men, and our esteemed student police academy.

The story of Ringo's partnership with campus police is as heartwarming as his presence. It all began when Leslie was on a training run with Ringo across campus in 2021. A curious administrator stopped to inquire, sparking a chance collaboration that has since blossomed into something truly special. With Ringo by our side, we not only showcase the department's valuable services but also spread joy and smiles across the campus community. The Virginia Tech Police Department is very pleased with this extraordinary partnership and the positive impact Ringo makes on faces and hearts alike.

Leslie Roberts-Gregg '79 and Ringo the Pony
Ringo and his owner, Leslie Roberts-Gregg '79
Cpl. John Tarter and Ringo the Pony
Residence Life Resource Officer Cpl. John Tarter walks around campus with Ringo

How Ringo is Utilized for Events on Campus:

Ringo is more than just a four-legged officer; he’s a campus ambassador! He actively participates in various campus events with our Residence Life Resource Officers (RLRO), such as:

  • Community Outreach Programs: Ringo engages with local communities, fostering positive relationships and educating people about safety.
  • Campus Safety Workshops: Ringo assists in teaching important safety tips to students, ensuring they have a safe and secure campus experience.
  • Special Events: Whether it’s a residence hall event, a campus fair, or a charity event, Ringo is there to bring smiles and create memorable experiences for everyone.

Download Your Ringo Coloring Page

Let your little ones' creativity shine with our exclusive Ringo coloring page! Click the button below to download and print.

Where is Ringo the Patrol Pony?

Where's Ringo?

Stay connected to Ringo's adventures by following RLRONation, our Virginia Tech Police Department’s Residence Life Resource Officers (RLRO) social media channels. Don't miss out on the smiles he brings and the joy he spreads – follow us now to stay updated on where Ringo is and what he's up to!