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Weapons Storage

By university regulation, Virginia Tech students are prohibited from possessing or storing weapons and/or ammunition on campus. Any student who wishes to bring a firearm and/or ammunition to campus must store the firearm and/or ammunition at the Virginia Tech Police Department. The department maintains a secure locked area within the department for firearm/ammunition storage purposes.

Storing a weapon and/or ammunition

The student must bring the weapon/ammunition immediately to the Virginia Tech Police Department and fill out the required forms. A valid Hokie Passport must be presented for identification purposes.

Checking out a weapon and/or ammunition

All weapons/ammunition stored at the department are available for the rightful owner to check out 24/7. Any student wishing to check out his/her firearm/ammunition stored at the department must be present in person and provide a valid Hokie Passport to do so.

Returning a weapon and/or ammunition to storage

Once a checked out firearm/ammunition is no longer being utilized off campus by the owner, it must be returned immediately to the Virginia Tech Police Department for proper storage upon the owner's return to campus.

Storage for off-campus students during breaks

If you live off campus and do not feel comfortable leaving your weapon in your residence during breaks, you may bring your weapon to the police department for locked storage. Please bring your valid Hokie Passport for identification purposes in order to fill out the necessary forms. Once you return to your residence, you may visit the department with your valid Hokie Passport to retrieve your weapon 24/7.


If you have any questions regarding weapon/ammunition storage, please contact the Virginia Tech Police Department at 540-231-6411, or visit us in the Public Safety Building at 330 Sterrett Drive, Blacksburg, VA.