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Violence Prevention Team Members

The entire Virginia Tech community is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe environment for all of our students, faculty, staff, guests and community members.  In order to continue to establish and develop violence prevention programs, representatives from across the campus community serve on the Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention Committee.


Committee Member Office
Mac Babb (chair) Chief of Police, VTPD
Michael Mulhare Director, Emergency Management
Christopher Flynn Executive Director of Mental Health Initiatives
Laura McCullough Assistant Director, Cranwell International Center
Kelly Oaks Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Robert Sebek President, Staff Senate
Bryan Hanson Graduate Student Ombudsperson
Mark Gess Associate University Legal Counsel
Mark Owczarski Director of News and Information
Ellen Plummer Associate Vice Provost for Academic Administration
Christine Dennis Smith Co-Director, Women's Center
Byron Hughes Dean of Students
Caroline Green Threat Assessment Team Coordinator, VTPD
Brenda van Gelder Executive Director, IT Policy and Strategic Engagement
Susan Short Associate Vice President for Engagement
Sam Felber President, Student Government Association
Hans Robinson President, Faculty Senate
Veronica Warda Representative, Graduate Student Assembly