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Office Safety

Make sure that you and your co-workers are staying safe in the office by following these few tips:

  • Request identification from unescorted visitors and unknown repair/delivery personnel. Contact the Police Department immediately if a person appears suspicious or refuses to show identification.
  • When alone, avoid entering an elevator that is occupied by a stranger. If unavoidable, stand near the controls and locate the emergency button. If you are assaulted, hit the emergency or alarm button, and press as many floor buttons as possible.
  • Take time to familiarize yourself with building evacuation and fire safety plans.
  • Keep an accurate key possession log and recover keys from staff or students who no longer need them.
  • Report stolen keys to the Police Department and lost keys to Facilities Management.
  • When leaving your office for the day, close and lock doors, windows, and desk drawers.
  • When not in your office for an extended period of time always lock doors.
  • If possible, place valuables in a locked or lockable desk drawer or file cabinet.