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Vehicle Safety


Park in well-lit, highly visible lots. Always park as close to where most of the traffic (cars and pedestrians) are.

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Lock It

Always lock doors and windows, even when it's just for a minute. If you need to cool the vehicle, use a sunscreen (never crack your window).


At Virginia Tech, there are blue-light emergency phones in every student lot on campus. Be familiar with their locations.

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Personal Security

If a suspicious person is standing at your car, or near a parking spot, just keep going. Look around the area of your vehicle, then inside, before getting in.

Know How to Defend Yourself

Enroll in a Rape Aggression Defense class today.

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Out of Sight

Keep all expensive items out of view of the windows. For example, put your MP3 player in the glove box.  Large items should be locked in the trunk. If you have to keep something in the passenger compartment, cover it with something. Theft is a crime of opportunity, so if they can't see what is in the car, they are much more likely to go to the next car.

Keychain Safety

Never attach anything with your name and/or address to your keychain, including your Hokie Passport. Remember that your Hokie Passport contains personal information, as well as providing a key to your building. A criminal could use your Hokie Passport to find your room number on and then swipe to gain access. Never give your keys to someone; a perpetrator could get a copy of the key.  Avoid hiding keys in obvious places, such as behind license plate screws, magnetic key holders, etc. 

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